Welcome to Kiryoku Dojo

After ten years as "Shihonkin Dojo," we decided to give our dojo a name that truly fits us: Kiryoku. "Kiryoku" means inner strength or willpower, the core values that we place particular emphasis on. The Okinawan Kempo Karate taught here is designed to be functional in a real-world situation. While athletic aspects are part of it, they play a subordinate role for us. As part of the IOBF we are not bound by the strict guidelines of the German Karate Federation, which allows us to teach karate in its most original and purest form - as it should be.

If your goal is to learn a karate that not only strengthens you physically but also protects you, and if you are willing to work on your personal development and discover your inner strength, then you are a perfect fit for us.

Apply for a free trial class now! We're looking forward to meeting you!

All adult classes (except meditation) are taught in German and English!